Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yeah it was my birthday and an AMAZING one at that!  I was in North Dakota this year for my birthday and Jason got me these beautiful flowers which lasted forever and made us happy everyday we got to look at them.  My parents send live lobsters for my b-day as it is my favorite food.  Poor Jason (who hates seafood) had to put them in the boiling water....i know i know i don't eat red meat and pork but i will boil a live lobster and rip into it.... well everyone that knows me knows that most things i do don't make sense so stop trying to figure me out.  Then the b-day was topped with WICKED sundaes at Cold Stone Creamery (or as most of us know it...a little bit of heaven).  The sundaes made us both pretty much ill but it was GOOOOD going down!  We couldn't talk for a while after eating them because we were nervous if we opened our mouths some might come back out!

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