Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving in to visit the Preggies for 2 weeks!

So it all began in June and I went to stay with Pregnant Jodi and her husband Chad.  Her sister Amber was pregnant too and they are holding up the fingers of how many months along they were.  I rubbed the budda bellies too.  I stayed with Jodi for a while because I wanted to see her pregnant and then we drove to Charlotte's Bachlorette Weekend (in the top of Florida) and then back to Jodi's and then driving to Alabama together to Charlotte's wedding.  So lots of fun and traveling together.  It was so great to see one of my best friends and her sister and their husbands experiencing such a miracle (the babies... who are now obviously born) and getting to see our friend Charlotte experiencing such a happy time in her life.... marriage!  More posts to follow about Charlotte's events!  But Jodi put up with me for 2 weeks but it went fast!

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