Saturday, November 22, 2008

extras of polar bear trip #3

We went on a dog sled ride which was so fun.  The stone structure is called an Inukshuk which was made by the people there to pretend to be an extra person.  It was started when the men would hunt and have to get an animal out of a heard but they didn't have enough men so they build some of these to make it look like they had more people.  They were also made when the people were made to leave their land they were upset and would travel feeling alone so they started to build Inukshuks so that if people traveled threw the same area they would see that their people had been there before and they wouldn't feel alone.  It was said that if the people looked through the hole in the middle that they could see the direction the people before them went.  It made them feel less alone, which i thought was a nice message.  We also ate lunch at the local place in town and this was the big hummer/school bus like vehicle to see the bears in.  So on to the bear watching...

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