Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am the most EXCITED AUNT EVER!!!!!  (to my southern sister, not by blood but by love in case you were all wondering why i have never mentioned i have a sister).  So I went to see Sophie Jo Lamb 2 weeks after she was born and she was the most beautiful baby and she is the best baby too.  Her mom and dad are doing great and i am so glad that they fell right into being amazing parents.  The other baby in the picture is Sophie Jo's cousin, Karlee (Karlee is my friend's sister's baby..i know i know you need sleep to follow this post).  Karlee is a rock star and a mover and a shaker and she is so cute too.  It was so fun to have baby world there it is so fun to be around babies...well until they all cry together but that is okay because then you hand them off.  I LOVEEEE my neice and her cousin so much!  They have their own blog so if you want to see how truly crazy cute she is just tell me and you can check out their blog.  It was great to get to meet her and i can't wait to see her soon.  I am sooooo proud of Jodi and Chad  (and Amber and James) and how well they are all doing!

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