Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

I think people were right when they said "OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO GO TO CAPE TOWN IT IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!" I realized that today because I went on an all day tour today. We started off driving down the coast and stopped to take a boat tour to see sea lions jumping and playing far out in the water on this speical island that they love in Hout Bay. Then we reloaded the van and headed to see PENGIUNS in Boulders. There are all these pengiuns on the beach and they are just waddling around and i almost died becuase i wanted to squeeze one really badly but obiously you can't touch them. They would dive in for swims adn they had babies and it was amazing to watch. Then we got BACK on the bus and went down to the National Park where the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point of Africa where they Atlantic Ocean meets. WOWWWWWW! First we drive in then we get on bikes and bike through the national park. The views were unreal and breathtaking although I had to stop on my bike about every 3-4 seconds to take yet ANOTHER picture. Then we stopped for a picnic lunch and then road our bikes again all the way to the point. The views wer just increadable. I can't even describe in words with the water hitting the rocks and cliffs out from the mountians and then more mountians in the distance. Then we got off the bikes and hiked in the heat of the day...people that know me know how much i love hiking...or truthfully don't like it at all. We pretty much hiked the great wall of China. We hiked straight up this mountain and cliff to get views that will take your breath away (you also can't breath from the hike) then we hiked all the way for about an hour through the moutains to a lighthouse. BUT the trick was that the lighthouse climb an hour later was STRAIGHT UPHILL again. I told people i better be prepared with what i am going to say to God because we had climbed up so much I thought we were going to reach him at the top. We made it to the light house and it was brethtaking views AGAIN! Everywhere you turn it was so unbelievable! Then we got in the van and road all the way back home taking pictures and learnign along the way. We had a great group and a lot of fun! I can't wait for my shark diving adventures tomorrow!

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