Saturday, May 2, 2009

RUGBY South African style

The rugby match was the New Zealand Cheifs against the South African Stormers. I was voting for the Chiefs for a friend and also the Stormers have not been good this season...yes i can make statements like that because i have been in Africa for more then a month and watched approximitly 3 games so I am authorized to make blanket statements about rugby. So this guy has an amazing company that he started up where he gets a group together to BBQ or have a Bri (as they say out here) and it is usually by the stadium but this was at his house due to the weather...his house was UNREAL! Then you eat and drink with him for 2 hours and then you go to the game and you all sit together and then he takes you home (although we went to a bar first and then home). We had such a fun time. I loved the Rugby!

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