Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cape Town, South Africa WATCH OUT!

Of course my flight to cape town was delayed until the afternoon so John, the guy that runs the lodge who was going to drop me off ended up having to drage me around with him all day in Harare until my flight left. I got to Cape Town late at night and so came straight to the Ashanti Lodge, where I was staying and went to bed. Nothing too exciting. The lodge is apparently for backpackers (of which i am not since i roll in with my rolling bags and nothing on my back) but it is soooo nice. We all share a communal kitcken and showers and bathrooms. THen i have a room with a bed and a sink and LITERALLY that is it. I really like the place though. The next day i got up after laying in till 7am (big sleep in these days) and then went to the desk and asked what to do. After getting set up I set out in the rain to take an open top bus tour whcih was GREAT (besides the rain and fog). I learned a lot and saw the city. I went to Table Mountian but didn't go all the way up on the cable car because it was ZERO yes ZERO visablity and they were still selling tickets...hummm interesting. So i just went around in a big loop and got off in Camps Bay which is absolutly unreal and walked around and ate lunch. I am sure it is gorgeous when it is not raining but i didn't have that luck...Fischer luck. I still LOVED IT! It reminds me though of the rich quite areas in California with the water adn the moutains. I would love to post pictures but i can't on here. Then I returned home to go to a rugby game!

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