Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friends in Sag Harbor!!!

So here is the story...I used to babysit for these guys when they were 7 in Nashville, TN where i went to college.  That is a real pig that is there is having a book written after her (since her parent is an author) and the other is new and I met pinky for the first time.  I also got to see how the kids are now TEENAGERS...where does the time go.  It was soooo great to see them and catch up with them as i have missed them so much since they have moved to Sage Harbor i have not seen them.  I can't and can believe how great these kids turned out and I am glad that everyone is doing so well.  We hung out and had the best dinner that Helen (the mother made) that was my favorite meal ever that this woman named Millie (who helped Helen's family out when she was a child and now Helen's own family out in Nashville).  It was so great and so fun to catch up with everyone.  I miss you guys and hope to keep in better touch now.  

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