Friday, February 20, 2009

Meg and Vicky visit the farm!

So Meg and Vicki (who I used to teach with...and they still teach in Manhattan) came to visit for the weekend.  Oh what fun we had!  After some tasty drinks and some YUMMY mexican food it was on to the farm.  They had fun with the tractor and meg scooping up vic and then we took a ride in the "Tribe of Angels" know what they say about three pretty ladies in a truck?  oh i don't know it just sounded good.  Then you REALLY need to check out my little city girls in the car hiding from the friendly milk cow who got out and was circling our car.  It is our neighbors so she came out and put him back in the pen.  You should really click on the picture and see Vicky's "why would you ever have a COW!"  Then there is a picture of us rocking out on Henry (my brother's) band equipment.  We had so much fun and it was sad to have them go.  We missed our fourth member, Fernando, but he thought he wasn't fact he is probably glad he didn't come as there was a lot of girlness, although he is used to it.  

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