Friday, February 13, 2009

San Francisco with MOLLY

On our way back from Lake Tahoe my parents were going to fly out of San Fran and i was going to stay a bit to see Molly and Kim and to interview at a school.  So we all met up with Molly to see the school and have some dinner.  We first went to see the sea lions at Fischerman's Wharf who were so loud and funny and then to this famous place where they make all thier own sourdough bread.  It is SO YUMMY.  They make the bread in all these shapes (like the heart and bear we are holding and the alligator one in the window).  It was amazing food and a great deal of fun to see San Fran.  We did get our car robbed at the end of the night and our belongings stolen but we wont let that overshadow spending time with friends.  There is also a picture of Molly, her friend, and I at dinner a few nights later.  Molly has REALLY nice friends there in San Fran.  

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