Thursday, May 19, 2011

John and Judy's new children

The last time I was here John and Judy had Totsie, the hyena, but unfortunately he had to be killed due to a threat to their daughter, and it is a very hard story for all involved. So now since they have raised so many animals, such as Tatinda (the rhino) and Pug (the warthog) and Totsie (the hyena). Now they have Mongo, the mongoose in the first picture, and Gabbi the warthog (who is pregnant) and Charlie (the CUTEST zebra EVER). Yes I did try to pick him up to see if I could carry him home, needless to say he wasn't the biggest fan. But he is sooooooo cute and has a crazy mane! But is it not insanely cute, him standing at the door waiting for breakfast...i mean REALLY...cutest thing ever!

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