Monday, May 16, 2011

Still driving...for a long while...

On the drive we saw some beautiful scenery and a river that flows into the Indian ocean, and the river is why they can grow the sugar cane there. Then we drove by some villages (but called towns here because villages are considered areas far in the bush off the road). The picture of the stairs leading to a stone structure is the monument of Livingston. He was an explorer who found Victoria falls and named it after the Queen of England, and was known to walk through these hills and my roommate here found out that this stone monument is the place where he died. There used to be a tree there and the other explorers with Livingston buried his heart there under that tree and carried his body for 11 months to the water where his body was shipped to England for burial. The first picture is a phone tower, and the Livingston town said that they would not let a phone tower go up unless it could blend into the scenery so they made them look like palm and other kinds of trees.

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