Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okay so I know I have not updated since approximetly 2 years to the month of my last post BUT I should say that my life has included a great deal of paper writing, test taking, and studying so there are not too many fun posts. Although there are a couple times and in Tara's famous words "I will update my blog soon..." So I decided I will fill in the gaps later but use this medium for now to keep people updated that I am alive on my second adventure to Africa. So I am going to Lukasa, Zambia for about 2 weeks to apparently "train trainers to work with orphans and other children of trauma" and then off to visit those is Zimbabwe for 3 days and then to see Jason before returning home. I plan to keep this updated as much as possible and here comes the first debacle (SP?). Got from LA to NYC just fine (with an interesting escort service..which I will explain later...too tired now) only to have the plane in NYC canceled due to mechanical issues and grounded in NYC until a day later (now writing from some airport hotel) and missing my training day. I will keep you updated but for now my posts would be of wine to dull the pain of missing the excitement, warm FREE chocolate cookies, and FREE food to get me by. The pictures are backwards but I entered NYC then saw the beautiful sunrise, and then made sad and got stuck in a hotel face, and then my dad drove through and visited on the way home from the beach. So till tomorrow when hopefully I will be on my way to AFRICA!!! YEAH!

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  1. I like the background on the blog. Glad to see that you are updating again. I will look forward to reading about your trip!