Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the Orphanage

Okay still no pictures yet but maybe tomorrow. BUT i survived a bit of a crazy start. I got to Niarobi and had a little bit of communication hiccups and then finally got to a nice hotel on beautiful grounds. I tried to take a picture in the dark. I got to the hotel and checked in a 1am and got up at 3am to get ready to go back to the airport. on the way to the airport...guess what i saw that was just hanging out on the road...ZEBRASSSSSSS!! it was cras=zy and i made the driver stop. Then i met a friend, Ann who was very nice and we flew together and when i got to Kisumu i had to take a 5 hour bus ride smashing my head into the roof as we drove 21 people with 13 seats. Yeah you do the math on that. We got here and had lunch with the two other girls (british) that are on the project too. Judith met me at the airport (woman who opened and runs the orphanage) and took me around. Then we had lunch and got some water. Then we drove to the orphange and met the children. HOW AMAZING! They are all so sweet and just want to hold your hand. They call you "Teacher Teacher" all the time, all ages. Then we came back to the room we are staying in talked, ate dinner (cabbage, pancakes, eggs with tomatoes and onions) and then now we are watching a movie...it is sooooo hot. So that is the update now but i will put pictures on as soon as possible i promise. Hope all is well back home. Oh by the way since Obama's grandmother is from the town i flew into they LOVEEEEE him here!


  1. Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see pictures and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you updating the blog.

  2. and you are indeed keeping connected =) can't wait to continue reading and i am thrilled to know exactly kind of sort of all that you're doing. pls remember to take loads of pictures. their faces tell the most amazing stories of their world, look forward to seeing your photos and reading your posts...much love from the west, Marissa xxoo