Saturday, March 21, 2009


So I know i looked like i haven't showered in years although i do everynight, and the kid in the front, Clinton looks like he is pretttty unhappy but he is just making a serious face....and Ann on my lap is laughing. This was after a testing they took one day which i will write about later. This is the youngest kids classroom in the orphanage, there are a bunch of older children as well. They don't like their pictures quite as much as the younger ones but they do ask you to take their picture, althought the older children are much more shy. They all love us teachers (who are they say) being there everyday and they just want to touch us and show us EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can to keep our attention....okay not much different then American children, minus the touching. These children are just amazing. I wil post more tomorrow without pictures and type more so be ready...get some rest and be ready for the next post.

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