Saturday, March 14, 2009


Right before I was about to leave for Africa, Jason sent the best present EVER! He sent me a digital frame but better yet it was loaded with pictures from all of our trips so that I would remember him back home. Since I couldn't take the whole frame with me since it is amazing and I don't want it to be stolen he sent me a key chain one too. That one mainly has pictures of both of us so I will have something with me all the time to remind me of who is waiting at home. I cried as i watched the pictures because it was the most thoughful and wonderful gift i could have gotten especially since i miss him and will miss him so very much while being away. THank you for being the best boyfriend anyone could have!!!!!! I know the girls are jealous but stay back because he is mine and i will bring a Rhino back to take care of buisness if anyone tries to steal him while I'm away. I LOVE MY PRESENTS!
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  1. HOW SWEET!!!
    (That's a very cool present.)
    How long will you be gone?

  2. awwwwwww!!! that was soo sweet of him! Jason your scoring massive points!!!!